No, it’s not a made up word……

The verb ‘to inspire’ derives from an old Greek word ‘inspiro’ meaning “to breathe life into” which we thought was a pretty good metaphor for how we work with clients and the energy we bring to the table. We want to inspire and equally we want to BE inspired by the clients and other professionals that we work with. 

We are strongly committed to remaining independent and aim to provide a high quality alternative in a market which is increasingly dominated by growth and consolidation.

About Bryony

Originally from West Yorkshire, Bryony studied politics and French at the University of Hull. Following graduation in 2002 and a series of events, that seemed almost logical at the time, she then found herself working in Leeds as a trainee accountant 

Always a sufferer of itchy feet syndrome, she relocated to London in 2005 to complete her training contract. Qualifying shortly afterwards she remained in practice throughout her career, eventually setting up her own business in 2011 which she sold in 2022.

Between 2019 and 2020 Bryony went back into further education, alongside her full time job, studying firstly for the General Diploma in Law (GDL) and then subsequently for the Masters in Law (LLM) in which she obtained a distinction. She also successfully completed the Legal Practice Couse (LPC) but elected to stay within the accountancy sector post qualifying. 

In 2024 Bryony set up Inspiro Advisory to combine both her accountancy and legal skill sets and create an offering to the market that is genuinely advisory led.

Our Network

Although we are small, our network is large and comprehensive. Thanks to 20 years of working across professional services in London we have built up a strong network of likeminded professionals in the following sectors:

Unlike many other practices, our referrals are not simply to firms or a link to a website they are to individual people within those firms that we have worked with previously and are able to personally vouch for. We will not refer a client to anyone that we have not worked directly with.


We do not advertise who we work with as we understand that privacy and confidentiality is important to many of our clients. 

100% of our client base comes from personal recommendation and a contact network built up over two decades. We would be more than happy to provide references on request. 

We work with people rather than sectors but below is an indicative list of sectors we have a depth of experience in. Please contact us for more detailed information. 


Primarily we work with people rather than sectors but below is an indicative list of sectors we have recently worked in and have a depth of experience of. Please contact us for more detailed information. 

Architecture & design

Media & entertainment



Models, dancers & adult trades

Influencers and personalities


We don’t do everything but what we do, we do well.

Financial Consultancy

We work on a monthly retainer basis whereby we agree a monthly fee upfront which equates to a set amount of hours or days per month. This is very flexible and any over run one month can be offset against a short fall the next. We are very transparent and honest always happy to restructure retainers both up and down to suit fluctuating requirements. For you it gives you the security that you can ask any questions you like or request any report or meeting without fear of a large, unexpected bill. It also means that you have the opportunity to cut costs in other areas such as basic compliance work. 

For Companies

Below is a non-exhaustive list of areas in which we can help you support your business 

For Individuals

Board Roles- Non exec /advisory

Women are significantly underrepresented at Board level which is a risk, as evidence suggests that companies with a strong female representation at board and top management level perform better than those without, and that gender diverse boards have a positive impact on performance. We all understand that boards make better decisions where a range of voices, drawing on different life experiences can be, can all be heard. 

Bryony is a member of the Women On Boards organisation and is happy to commit her time at Board level in both paid and unpaid positions. Please contact via the website for availability.

Standard Compliance*

*Please note that due to our small team some compliance services are outsourced to a member of our Network. However, Bryony will always be your point of contact and ensure quality of delivery.